Our ministry

Our ministry teams provide wonderful opportunities for service. Be prayerful about where God may want you to serve. For a complete description of the ministries, click here.

Agape Singles   agape@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Audio   av@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Before I Say 'I Do' Class   ced@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Bread of Life Ron Edmonds bol@ ZionHopeChurch.org
CANA Married Couples   cana@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Women of Virtue Min. Annette Wooldridge cwcg@ZionHopeChurch.org
Christian Education Min. Bruce Wooldridge ced@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. Annette Wooldridge
College Students   college@ZionHopeChurch.org
Congregational Care Chez Rusununguko ministries@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. Filmore Artis
Deacons Paul Eppes deacons@ZionHopeChurch.org
Finance Leroy Woodard finance@ZionHopeChurch.org
Fine Arts   finearts@ZionHopeChurch.org
Generations of Grace Dance Erin Southern finearts@ZionHopeChurch.org
Social Media   chatter@ZionHopeChurch.org
Heal/Grief Loss Min. Bruce Wooldridge heal@ZionHopeChurch.org
Health & Wellness   health@ZionHopeChurch.org
Hope Connection Point   connection@ZionHopeChurch.org
Maintenance Bruce “Butch” Simpson ministries@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ken Gilbert
Men of Valor Min. Bruce Wooldridge mov@ZionHopeChurch.org
Missionary Sheila Long missionary@ZionHopeChurch.org
Shirley Mitchell
Music Barry Dixon voz@ZionHopeChurch.org
Prison Min. Charlie Haniton chaniton3@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. George Macon
Security James Jones security@ZionHopeChurch.org
Shepherd’s Care Barbara Eppes shepherdscare@ZionHopeChurch.org
Stitches of Praise Gloria Woodard sop@ZionHopeChurch.org
Mariam Coffer
Sunday School Min. Thomas Turner sundayschool@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ushers (Adult) Alpha Coffer ushers@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ushers (Youth) Phil Lewis ushers@ZionHopeChurch.org
Juanita Brooks
Youth Department   youth@ZionHopeChurch.org