On July 24, 1953, Zion Hope Baptist Church was organized under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Mumford, Pastor and Rev. E.T. Johnson Sr., Moderator. Other members were: Sis. Eleanor Mumford, Sis. Sarah Mumford, Bro. Roosevelt Mumford, Jr., Bro. John Scott, Bro. Walter Scott, Sis. Beatrice Hill, Bro. & Sis. Mallory, Sis. Mildred Clark, Deacon and Sis. West and Sis. Mary Mumford. The church officially opened its doors on June 26, 1953. It was located at 1803 N. Arsenal.

In October 1962, construction of a new building began. Rev. Mumford went home to be with the Lord on December 25, 1963.

Rev. Percy C. Owens

On August 17, 1964, Rev. Percy C. Owens was called to pastor the church. It continued to grow under his pastorate & on January 22, 1967, the church celebrated the completion and dedication of the new building at 2301 N. Arsenal.

Rev. Dr. James S. Wells

In January 1972, Rev. Dr. James S. Wells was called to pastor Zion Hope. During his pastorate, the church burned the existing mortgage. The prolific increase of membership created the necessity for a new facility.

In 1979, Zion Hope purchased its present facility at 5950 E 46th Street. In 1983, Zion Hope Christian School opened its doors and provided education to children through the sixth grade. Other ministries were born under the leadership of Dr. Wells, including the Baptist Bible College (now Crossroads Bible College). Rev. Dr. James S. Wells went home to be with the Lord on September 10, 1987.

Rev. Brian J. Wells

Rev. Brian J. Wells, son of Dr. James Wells, was called as Pastor in September of 1987. Under his leadership, the church continued to progress.

The Dr. James S. Wells Memorial Library was dedicated in 1993. Zion Hope Christian School made great strides and became recognized as one of the finest schools of its kind in the city. Pastor Wells resigned in August of 2000.

Rev. David A. Hampton

Rev. David A. Hampton was called as pastor in September of 2002. Pastor Hampton was an anointed preacher,   teacher and visionary with a love for the people of God. His emphasis was on “being spiritual”, not religious. Under his   leadership, and by God’s grace, there was an increase in membership. In November 2007, he resigned to assume a   pastorate in Brooklyn, NY.

Rev. Tony   McGee

While awaiting the calling of a new shepherd, the work of the Lord continued under the leadership of Deacon Board Chairman, Deacon Richard Cooper and the preaching of Zion Hope Associate Ministers. In November 2009, Rev. Tony McGeewas called as the church’s Senior Pastor elect. He assumed the pastorate on August 2, 2009. An anointed preacher and teacher of the gospel, Pastor McGee came to Zion Hope after serving as a minister at Eastern Star Church under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr.

Under Pastor McGee’s leadership, the church mission of advancing the kingdom of God through effective evangelism, discipleship and service was established. The facility has received a “modern” facelift & has embarked on an initiative to pay off the existing church mortgage. The church continues to touch the lives of thousands in our community through ministry and outreach activities.