Our ministry

Our ministry teams provide wonderful opportunities for service. Be prayerful about where God may want you to serve. For more information contact the ministry servant leaders or the church office at (317) 547-4387 or info@zionhopechurch.org.

Agape Singles   agape@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Audio/Visual Steve Todd av@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Before I Say 'I Do' Class   ced@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Bread of Life (B.O.L.) Ron Edmonds bol@ ZionHopeChurch.org
CANA Married Couples   cana@ ZionHopeChurch.org
Christian Women Covenant Group (CWCG) Min. Annette Wooldridge cwcg@ZionHopeChurch.org
Christian Education Min. Annette Wooldridge ced@ZionHopeChurch.org
College Students   college@ZionHopeChurch.org
Congregational Care Chez Rusununguko ministries@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. Filmore Artis
Deacons Paul Eppes deacons@ZionHopeChurch.org
Finance & Stewardship Leroy Woodard finance@ZionHopeChurch.org
Fine Arts   finearts@ZionHopeChurch.org
Generations of Grace Dance Erin Southern finearts@ZionHopeChurch.org
Gospel Chatter (Social Media)   chatter@ZionHopeChurch.org
H.E.A.L. Grief Loss Min. Bruce Wooldridge heal@ZionHopeChurch.org
Health & Wellness Dr. Laura Nader health@ZionHopeChurch.org
Miriam Riley
Hope Connection Point   connection@ZionHopeChurch.org
Maintenance Bruce “Butch” Simpson ministries@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ken Gilbert
Men of Valor Min. Filmore Artis mov@ZionHopeChurch.org
Missionary Sheila Long missionary@ZionHopeChurch.org
Shirley Mitchell
Music Barry Dixon voz@ZionHopeChurch.org
Pastor’s Partners Min. Charlie Haniton chaniton3@ZionHopeChurch.org
Power in Prayer (PIP) Min. Charlie Haniton pip@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. George Macon
Prison Min. Charlie Haniton chaniton3@ZionHopeChurch.org
Min. George Macon
Security James Jones security@ZionHopeChurch.org
Shepherd’s Care Barbara Eppes shepherdscare@ZionHopeChurch.org
Stitches of Praise Gloria Woodard sop@ZionHopeChurch.org
Marion Coffer
Sunday School Min. Thomas Turner sundayschool@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ushers (Adult) Alpha Coffer ushers@ZionHopeChurch.org
Ushers (Youth) Phil Lewis ushers@ZionHopeChurch.org
Juanita Brooks
Youth Department   youth@ZionHopeChurch.org

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